Insights on Newly Formed UK Companies

In June 2024, there were a total of 61447 companies incorporated in the UK with the Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet industry seeing the highest incorporations followed by Buying and selling of own real estate. Region wise, LONDON had the highest count of incorporations while BIRMINGHAM and MANCHESTER followed in the top three regions where the UK is seeing a rise in entrepreneurship.

The industry types are categorized using the UK Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes, which provide a framework for classifying businesses by the type of economic activity they engage in; each code represents a specific industry sector, allowing for a detailed analysis of the distribution of company incorporations across various sectors. For more information, you can visit the official SIC codes page.

Below is a concise overview of the newly established companies in the United Kingdom:

In June 2024, the top 5 industries by the number of companies incorporated are:

Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet: 3805 companies (6.19%)
Buying and selling of own real estate: 3053 companies (4.97%)
Other letting and operating of own or leased real estate: 2687 companies (4.37%)
Management consultancy activities other than financial management: 2258 companies (3.67%)
Information technology consultancy activities: 1568 companies (2.55%)

The top 5 locations for company incorporations in June 2024 are:

LONDON: 16743 companies (27.25%)
BIRMINGHAM: 1413 companies (2.3%)
MANCHESTER: 1404 companies (2.28%)
GLASGOW: 791 companies (1.29%)
LIVERPOOL: 591 companies (0.96%)

Having knowledge of which companies were incorporated recently is crucial for businesses looking to enhance their lead generation strategies. New companies are often in the early stages of their development, actively seeking products and services that can support their growth and operations. By identifying these fresh incorporations, businesses can proactively reach out with tailored offerings, positioning themselves as essential partners in the new company's success. This targeted approach not only increases the likelihood of converting these new entities into clients but also fosters long-term relationships by supporting their foundational needs.

Moreover, being among the first to establish contact with these new companies provides a competitive edge, allowing businesses to build brand loyalty and secure a foothold in emerging markets. Additionally, reaching the right target market is essential; advertising on social media often captures the attention of the wrong demographic, such as kids, rather than business decision-makers. In contrast, targeting new companies for B2B lead generation ensures that efforts are directed toward the correct audience, making the list of newly incorporated businesses extremely valuable. Ultimately, leveraging this knowledge can lead to a more efficient and effective lead generation process, driving growth and expanding market reach.

Following is a graphical representation of the top 20 businesses incorporated.

Top 20 Industry Types as of June 2024

Top 20 Locations as of June 2024

Download the entire list

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