Our Services

We are a digital agency providing strategies and resources to help you transform your business and improve your digital presence. Our services include Website building, On-premises and Cloud Hosting, database management, migrations, software integrations, Analytics, Automation, e-com, ML and AI, maintenance and much more.

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Website and Mobile | Design, Development & Optimisation

We understand that every customer / business requirements are unique and therefore we specialise in designing and building bespoke websites and mobile applications. We also build content management systems designed to allow you to update the website content as and when you need. We also build and manage ECommerce websites.

Website design and development

Brand new and/or maintenance and management of existing websites

Domain Management

From advice to management of the domains and the DNS.

SEO websites

High visibility of the websites on search engines bringing in more visitors to your business.

Code Management

We provide you with a safe secure storage of your code and deployment to ensure stability of your digital assets.

B2B integration

Integration of various external digital tools into your internal digital assets. Salesforce, Slack, Trello, Intercom, Whatsapp, Asana, Dropbox, Microsoft and Google digital assets. .

Database Management

We provide database build and management along with the essential regular backup services implemented. We also help trasnform your data into a datalake.

Data consumption and visual

We help import data from various different sources such as CSVs, Spreadsheets, documents, pdfs etc and import them into a centralized database. We also build dashboards for you to evaluate your business performance against the data that is collected. We use tools such as PowerBI, QuickSight, etc. to build insightful dashboards.

Cloud Infrastructure consolidation, setup and management:

We can build or even upgrade your current infrastructure to a Cloud based infrastructure and ensure that you benefit from a 99.9% uptime.

Content Management System

We use various different CMS platforms including bespoke ones depending on your business requirements empowering you with control on your website content.

Analytics / Ad-Revenues

Tracking your customers will help you identify how your online presence is doing. We can also help you make revenues through various advertisement platforms available.

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Customer Service Executives | Technical Support | Manpower

We have a strong human resources team who have a large network of professionals available to be deployed for your business needs. Your customers are important to us and we treat them as such. We have a network of technical and non-technical customer service teams available to respond to your regular inflow of customer queries over different communication mediums such as email, chat or phone.

Cloud Infrastructure

AWS | GCP | Azure. Flexibility, responsiveness and scalability of the information system, data availability, innovation—cloud computing offers companies a number of benefits including resilience, competitiveness and productivity.

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