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Last updated: Jul 15th 2024
Armoured vehicle, soldiers and explosions seen on Cardiff Street

Filming for Dr Who has taken place on a quiet residential street in Cardiff and fans of the Time Lord have flocked to get a sneak preview.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate back filming Doctor Who in Cardiff

Two of Doctor Who's most beloved stars, David Tennant and Catherine Tate, are back filming on familiar ground. The two have been pictured in...

Filming on the 60th Anniversary Reveals Some Very Surprising Monsters & UNIT

Filming has continued on Doctor Who's 60th anniversary, and an early look at one of the monsters has been revealed.

Doctor Who Series 7 Rewatch Reveals Some of Steven Moffat's Flaws

While not intended, the BBC released a Doctor Who Series 7 video highlighting a few too many flaws during the decadent Steven Moffat phase.

Classic Doctor Who Story Supports The Best Whittaker Regeneration Theory

Despite the Tenth Doctor's vanity, regenerating, or degenerating into old faces has been possible since a Doctor Who story from the 1970s.

Doctor Who star's Great Yarmouth Covid warning

A Doctor Who star has warned people that attended a sci-fi convention in Great Yarmouth to take a Covid test after she tested positive.

Doctor who asked Muslim patient to remove her veil found guilty of 'misconduct'

A doctor who asked a Muslim woman to take off her veil and criticised her English skills during an appointment has been found guilty of...

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Surprising New Monsters Explained

Set photos of Doctor Who's 60th anniversary special have led to speculation over the return of some surprising villains, but who are they?

Passionate plea to find doctor who vanished after Queen Elizabeth Hospital shift

NHS hero Lt Col Andrew Haldane, from Ombersley, went missing after leaving Edgbaston's Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Doctor who asked Muslim woman to remove veil guilty of misconduct

A doctor has been found guilty of misconduct by a medical tribunal after ordering a Muslim woman to remove her veil and criticising...

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