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Last updated: Jul 15th 2024
Love Island: When does an age gap in a relationship become appropriate?

Love Island may have only just returned to our screens but it's already sparking controversy with its age gap relationships. So when does an...

Can age gap relationships ever work out?

Love Island's Gemma Owen, 19, and Davide Sanclimenti, 27, have raised eyebrows with their seven-year age gap. But can a relationship with...

Is Davide and Gemma's Love Island age gap a problem?

Love Island is back in full swing, gripping viewers across the country with the promise of summer romance.

‘My marriage has a 22-year age gap - here’s why Love Island’s Gemma and Davide’s doesn’t matter’

Love Island's eight-year age gap between 19-year-old Gemma Owen and 27-year-old Davide Sanclimenti has already caused a fiery Twitter debate...

Women Who "Dated" Older Men As Teens Are Sharing How They Realized They Were Actually Predators, And It's Heartbreaking

"I look back now as a woman in my 30s and am disgusted he knowingly took advantage of a teen girl."

The Age Gaps Between Romantic Leads In These 17 Movies From The '90s Will Shock You

76 comments. Recently, a tweet about the age gap between Laura Dern and Sam Neill in Jurassic Park went kinda viral.

13 Celebrity Couples That Have Discussed The Significant Difference In Age Between Them

1. Florence Pugh and Zach Braff have a 21-year age gap, and were first linked when Florence was 23 and he was 44. After facing backlash for...

Celebrity Couple Age Gap Quiz

How many years apart are Jay-Z and Beyoncé? Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Sean Combs. 5 years. 9 years. 12 years. 17 years...

19 Celebrities Who Are Married In Real Life And Have A 20+ Year Age Gap Between Them

Age ain't nothing but a number for these Hollywood couples.

Celeb Couples That Have A 20 Year Age Gap Between Them

It seems love doesn't see age.

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