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Last updated: Jul 20th 2024
'Ms. Marvel’: The Easter Egg Paradise of AvengerCon

All the reactions you see on screen are very much me reacting in real life…this was just me living, my childhood dream of being at a...

MS. MARVEL's Mysterious Mid-Credits Scene, Explained

Ms. Marvel's first episode introduces us to Kamala Khan, a nerdy teen whose dreams of becoming like her beloved Avengers come true.

‘Ms. Marvel’: Every Single Hidden Reference at AvengerCon

If you're wondering what the greatest Avenger convention is on the planet, it's definitely AvengerCon. Introduced in the first episode of...

Ms. Marvel: Red Dagger's powers and origin, explained

Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus will feature Red Dagger, one of Kamala Khan's comic book love interests.

'Ms. Marvel' Gets Review Bombed on IMDb

Ms. Marvel has gotten some of the strongest reviews of any Marvel Disney+ TV series to date. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has a 95 percent...

MS. MARVEL Star Iman Vellani Doesn't Believe the MCU Is Earth-616

Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani does not agree with MCU's Earth-616 designation and the actor and avid comics reader tells Kevin Feige as much.

Ms. Marvel Actress Believes Doctor Strange 2 Lied About the Multiverse

Ms. Marvel star jokes about Doctor Strange's labeling of the MCU in Multiverse of Madness.

‘Ms. Marvel’ Team Talks Matching Cast Tattoos, Muslim Superhero Representation

Now is the time to have movies and TV shows that represent the fandom,” said EP and director Adil El Arbi at the show's premiere.

Ms. Marvel Directors Address Changing Powers, Fantastic Four Comparisons

Ms. Marvel is known by comic fans for her power of 'embiggening.' She is able to grow and stretch parts of her body as a means to maneuver...

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