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Last updated: Jul 17th 2024
DALL·E 2 uses AI to transform famous paintings into different styles

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on Google's AI tool that can turn any text into a photorealistic image. Well, it turns out Google isn't...

Dall-e 2: What is the AI image generator creating strange artworks out of nothing – and how do you use it?

OpenAI's new technology can create high-quality images of almost anything described to it in a variety of styles.

Oh great, now Google has a terrifying AI image generator

Just a few weeks ago, the art world was, to use internet parlance, 'shooketh' by the power of OpenAI's DALL·E 2, which can transform written...

All these images were generated by Google's latest text-to-image AI

There'sThere's a new hot trend in AI: text-to-image generators. Feed these programs any text you like and they'll generate remarkably...

Will AI text-to-image generators put illustrators out of a job?

Imagen, from Google, is the latest example of an AI seemingly able to produce high-quality images from a text prompt – but they aren't quite...

Google takes on OpenAI with flashy text-to-image generator

Google claims the Imagen text-to-image generator crushes OpenAI's vaunted DALL-E system. An AI beef is brewing.

Google’s Imagen text-to-image generator offers ‘unprecedented photorealism’ [Gallery]

In recent weeks, the DALL-E 2 AI image generator has been making the waves on Twitter. Google this evening publicized its own version called...

OpenAI: Look at our awesome image generator! Google: Hold my Shiba Inu

The AI world is still figuring out how to deal with the amazing show of prowess that is DALL-E 2's ability to draw/paint/imagine just about...

Google's Text-to-Image AI Creates Any Wacky Image You Can Imagine

A plumber riding a dinosaur? Google says its AI system Imagen creates photorealistic images from input text.

Dall-E 2: Why the AI image generator is a revolutionary invention

A piece of software is able to generate detailed images from just a short, worded prompt… but it comes with obvious issues.

Dylan Lucas Published on 07 Jun 2022
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