How to Lose Weight with simple rules

Last updated: Jul 17th 2024

What are calories?

To lose weight it is important to understand what are calories and how the level of calories result in weight gain or loss. 

Over here you will learn the difference between micro and macro nutrients.  Not only understand what they are, but to also be aware of which perishable goods contain what quantity of nutrients which are essential for your healthy wellbeing. 

Once you understand calories, you need to determine if you need to gain weight or lose weight.  Assuming you want to lose weight, you need to know there are two ways to lose weight. 

1. Burning more calories:  The first method is to burn more calories. This is done by regular exercises.  A lot of people find it difficult to take some time out for Gym and/or are not motivated enough to go to the gym to exercise.  The same applies to any form of exercise or activity.  One needs to be motivated enough to follow a routine.   


2. Consuming lesser calories:  This perhaps is the most neglected approach.  The reason is because people are not aware of what food products contain how much calories.  We are here to ensure that you are as informed and make the right decisions to reach your desired weight. 

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SYED ABDUL QUADER Published on 23 Jan 2021
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