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Last updated: Jul 18th 2024
Martin Lewis explains how millions of people on Universal Credit could get free £1,200

MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis flagged the Help to Save account in a tweet published to his 1.5million Twitter followers. Help to Save is a...

Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert lays out tips for Brits wrongly chased for energy bills

Martin Lewis ' MoneySavingExpert has tips for households being asked to pay British Gas or Eon energy bills they do not owe.

Martin Lewis explains how people on benefits could get savings bonus up to £1,200

Money saving expert has called the account 'unbeatable'

Martin Lewis busts money saving use appliances overnight myth

The Money Saving Expert founder has given his verdict on viral advice to use things like washing machines at night.

Martin Lewis issues mortgage ‘ticking time bomb’ warning to homeowners

Money Saving Expert urges homeowners to 'lock in' cheap rates before payments become too expenive.

Martin Lewis shares way millions of Britons can HALVE broadband and mobile phone bills

MONEY saving expert Martin Lewis says 16 million Britons are paying too much for their broadband and mobile phones.

Martin Lewis issues urgent advice to every British Gas and E.On customer as prices rise

MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis highlighted how British Gas and E.On are reportedly offering existing customers fixed deals below the 30%...

Britain's top money-saving expert MARTIN LEWIS shares tips on how to survive the crunch

Speaking in an interview with the Mail on Sunday, MARTIN LEWIS says the cost-of-living crisis facing the UK is the worst it has been since...

15 money saving tips to help survive cost of living crisis

Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert has revealed tips for struggling families facing the cost-of-living crisis.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis's advice got me £125 free cash and it only took five minutes

Kate Lally used the Money Saving Expert founder's tip and it paid off.

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