lego 10303 loop coaster

Last updated: Jul 22nd 2024
LEGO ICONS 10303 Loop Coaster officially revealed

The latest addition to the LEGO Fairground Collection has been officially revealed as 10303 Loop Coaster, the first LEGO roller coaster with...

LEGO reveals 10303 Loop Coaster as next Fairground Collection set [News]

Today LEGO has revealed the next Fairground Collection set, 10303 Loop Coaster. With 3,756 pieces, this gigantic roller coaster includes the...

LEGO Fairground Collection Loop Coaster (10303) Officially Announced

LEGO has officially announced the next set in the LEGO Fairground Collection with the Loop Coaster (10303). Releasing on July 1,...

Every official LEGO roller coaster model ever made

With the reveal of LEGO ICONS 10303 Loop Coaster, it's time to look at what other coasters the LEGO Group has made over the years.

Seven of the tallest LEGO sets ever made

The new LEGO 10303 Loop Coaster is one of the tallest sets ever made, but where does it stack up compared to other recent, and older models?

Updating the layout of the LEGO Fairground Collection

LEGO ICONS 10303 Loop Coaster brings an updated look at the layout of the LEGO Fairground Collection, reflecting more recent sets.

Watch: LEGO ICONS 10303 Loop Coaster enters the Fairground Collection

Sit back and watch our latest video for LEGO ICONS 10303 Loop Coaster as the Fairground Collection gets a brand new ride, complete with...

More details on rumoured LEGO 10303 Roller Coaster 2022

For the moment, all details around 10303 Roller Coaster are up in the air, but it was originally slated for release in May or June 2022 – which...

LEGO 10303 Roller Coaster rumoured to have double loop

This summer's rumoured LEGO Creator Expert 10303 Roller Coaster is said to include not just one, but two loops.

New rumoured release date for LEGO 10303 Roller Coaster

Given we're yet to hear much more about 10303 Roller Coaster beyond a supposed piece count of 3,756 elements and a price tag of $349.99 – a full $30 cheaper...

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